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Repointing brickwork is a process where missing or old loose mortar is removed and repointed to match existing brickwork or to stabilise and restore the original or intended look. 

Brad, from Small Brick Job, uses traditional methods combined with the latest technology to repoint your brickwork servicing most areas around Melbourne and east of Melbourne. With more than 15 years as a Professional Bricklayer throughout Melbourne and the eastern suburbs.

There are several issues that cause deterioration of joints in brickwork:

  • In old buildings there was little cement used most of the mortar mixes were mainly made up lime and sand.
  • Not enough cement in the mix when batching the mortar.
  • Weather, rain and environmental conditions wearing away the mortar over time.
  • Rising Damp deteriorating the mortar over time.
  • Cracking and movement.
This does require skill and technique to ensure the mortar holds looks good and is not spread all over the brickwork.

If it is a large area that is repointed you may need acid washing afterwards. Smaller areas are usually done to avoid acid washing or cleaning.

1. To repoint the brickwork requires firstly removal of old loose mortar.

This can be done by using scrapers, high pressure water and mechanical devices or a combination of all to remove the required amount of old mortar so that new mortar can be inserted.

This process is important and if done incorrectly the new mortar that is inserted may fail.

2. New mortar is closely matched to existing mortar.

(It is difficult matching mortar as there are many variable’s in sand and cement. It’s a bit like matching paint…)

3. New mortar is inserted
Using traditional methods or mechanical devices for larger areas requiring pointing.

Repointing is essential in older brickwork – especially in areas affected by the elements – before full failure (potentially causing more damage and/or further costs).
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